April 23, 2013


Northern Ireland's Quad-X spreader speeds up poultry bedding


The Northern Irish firm Quad-X has developed a range of poultry bedding spreaders which will make poultry house bedding a one-man job.


The company reckons its spreader can finish bedding six times quicker than a three-person team, while also spreading the litter more evenly. This should minimise wastage and improve chick health, says the company.


The spreader can be mounted on a tractor's rear linkage, a telehandler, tractor loader, skidsteer or forklift and various hopper capacities are available to suit the farm/shed size. Loading should be quick and simple, too - tilt the hopper forward on its tipping linkage to scoop a pile of bedding and then lift it back to its upright position ready for work.


The spreader distributes bedding in 180 degree arc and can handle sawdust, wood shavings and straw. Adjustable bedding vanes vary the spread pattern and a variable speed hydraulic drive allows the operator to control the quantity and speed of spread. Sliding shutter plates should give extra control when dispensing finer bedding and an effective agitator is fitted as standard to stop material bridging in the hopper. An optional de-compaction tool can be added for breaking up baled shavings.

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