April 22, 2020


China discovers African swine fever in truck en route to Sichuan


China's agriculture ministry confirmed a new case of African swine fever (ASF) was detected among swine transport trucks destined for Sichuan, reported Reuters.


According to the ministry, ASF was detected after the truck was stopped for inspection at Nanjiang, Bazhong city. 100 swine were transported in the truck, with two swine dead.


There have been several similar cases of ASF discovered among swine transports in the past two months.


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs had reported only a couple of ASF cases by the end of the last year, but since March 2020 13 new cases have been published on the ministry's website. 12 of those ASF cases were discovered among swine transported between provinces.


Yu Kangzhen, vice agriculture minister said ASF risks are higher now as farmers quickly recover herds and transport young swine to new farms.


-   Reuters