April 21, 2017

Lallemand launches two educational resources on ruminant digestion


Lallemand Animal Nutrition has launched Ruminant Digestive System (www.RuminantDigestiveSystem.com), a new online educational resource, and the Rumen Health Technical Guide, a printed technical handbook for veterinarians, nutritionists and producers.


These resources provide content dedicated to the role of rumen microorganisms and their impact on the host's performance and health. Both resources are a part of Lallemand Forward, which are solutions that enhance knowledge, capabilities and production practices.


"Rumen microflora have a very important role in an animal's health and productivity," says Laurent Dussert, Global Ruminant Feed Additive Category Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition. "We developed this website and handbook with leading ruminant experts to ensure knowledge is paid Forward to help producers and their farm advisors learn more about this complex symbiotic relationship with the never-ending pursuit of mindfully increasing efficiency and productivity".

Ruminant Digestive System  and the Rumen Health Technical Guide are resources to learn more about: the rumen environment and microbial function; potential rumen challenges encountered on-farm; important references and publication; news curated by Lallemand and leading ruminant experts.

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