April 21, 2009

Germany will not further ban GM feed

Germany has no plans to further restrict imports of EU-approved GM food and feed products, said Agriculture and Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner.


Germany on last Tuesday (Apr 14) banned the planting of Monsanto's GM corn type MON 810.


All things that Germany import are EU-approved and they will not look at that again, said Aigner, adding that MON 810 was just one corn variety which a study suggested it was a danger to the environment.


Germany is the sixth country to ban MON 810 after France, Austria, Hungary, Greece and Luxembourg.


The GM corn variety MON 810 was first approved for growing in the EU in 1998 and its license is currently under review for a renewal. The GM corn so far is the only authorised cultivar in the EU.


There are a number of approved EU imports of GM products grown outside the bloc, mostly for use in food and animal feed. But some of those products were also subjected to national bans, if a country could justify scientifically invoking what is known as a "safeguard clause".

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