April 21, 2008

High feed prices threaten massive exit of Malaysian poultry farmers



The Federation of Livestock Farmers Association of Malaysia has urged the Malaysian Domestic Trade and Consumer Ministry to establish a special committee to study the feasibility of removing the ceiling price mechanism on chicken.

The federation's vice-president Yap Kim Hwah said poultry farmers would have no choice but to reduce the production of chicken if the Malaysian government refused to review the mechanism.

Yap stressed that Malaysians will not able to buy fresh chicken and will only resort to frozen poultry products.

He said the industry had suffered losses of about RM400million in the last 10 years and that some of the small-scale poultry farmers has agreed to contract farming with big farms.

Yap said Malaysia was the only country in the world that practised such a mechanism, which was a strain on poultry farmers.

He said the system gets the "hands of poultry farmers tied, with the price increase in feed and the freedom to import chicken from foreign countries", which restricts the growth of the industry.

Yap suggested the ministry should conduct study tours to China, the United States, Thailand and other countries that mass-produce chicken and learn their success stories.

He said the federation had applied to the ministry many times for the mechanism to be cancelled, but had never received any reply.

There are no signs that the Chinese community is boycotting Carrefour Malaysia, following the spread of an SMS accusing Carrefour's parent company of donating money to the Dalai Lama, reported China Press.

Carrefour Malaysia public relations and corporate social responsibility director Ras Adiba Radzi said the company was sensitive towards what was happening around the world and that its concern was to provide the best service to its customers.

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