April 20, 2022


Canada detects bird flu outbreaks at poultry farms in seven provinces



The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed outbreaks of bird flu at dozens of poultry farms across seven Canadian provinces, CBC Canada reported.


In Quebec state, cases of the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain have now been detected at four farms in the past week.

Across the country, over 700,000 chickens have died or culled due to the virus.


Health authorities have advised the public to disinfect their backyard farms and do not come into contact with wild dead birds.


Bird flu outbreaks have been reported in other parts of Europe, Asia, and in North America. France is facing its biggest bird flu outbreak ever, with almost 8% of egg-laying hens being killed. The US is currently coping with its worst outbreak of bird flu in history.


-      CBC Canada