April 19, 2022


AVAC Vietnam to launch first African Swine Fever vaccine



AVAC Vietnam Company Limited is set to launch the first African Swine Fever vaccine later this month, with Vietnam's government to review the final stages of development before officially introducing the vaccine to the market, Nongnghiep Vietnam reported.


The government ministries involved include the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Departments of Legal Affairs, International Cooperation, and Science, Technology, and Environment, and the Department of Animal Health.


ASF outbreaks were detected in Vietnam in 2019, and spread across 63 provinces and cities within seven months. The estimated losses were about VND 30,000 billion (~US$1.3 million; VND 10,000 = US$0.44), with 6 million swine culled and prices for pork rising about VND 100,000 (~US$4.36) per kg.


This led three firms to develop an ASF vaccine - AVAC Vietnam Company Limited, NAVETCO Central Veterinary Medicine Joint Stock Company, and Dabaco Vietnam Group. There is no ASF vaccine available in the world.


AVAC Vietnam owns the first veterinary manufacturing facility built under the GMP-WHO standard, specialising in researching vaccines against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, hog cholera, and foot and mouth disease. The company worked closely with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in researching the ASF vaccine.


In developing the ASF vaccine, AVAC Vietnam imported vaccine strains from the US and worked towards creating macrophage-derived cells that are compatible with the ASF virus.


A trial run was conducted on two farms with hundreds of swine. Results were positive. Another test has been proposed to be conducted on four farms with 300 swine each, with the results to be reported to the Department of Animal Health and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Phung Duc Tien said AVAC Vietnam needs to consider and research ASF vaccine production in many aspects, including intellectual property issues and deploying the vaccines in practice.


-      Nongnghiep Vietnam