April 19, 2022


African swine fever confirmed in Perak state, Malaysia



African swine fever (ASF) has been confirmed at three farms in Perak state, Malaysia, with about 990 swine culled in the state to prevent the spread of the disease, The Star Malaysia reported.


Razman Zakaria, Perak state Agriculture and Food Industry Committee chairman said a quarantine will be imposed to the owners of the three commercial swine farms, one in the Hilir Perak district and another two in Batang Padang district.


No swine or their carcasses will be allowed to be transported in and out of the affected areas.


The disease was confirmed through a real-time PCR test by the Laboratory of the Ipoh Veterinary Research Institute.


A further six farms within a 5km radius of the infected area have been quarantined with possible confirmed ASF cases.


All 95 commercial swine farms in Peark state will be monitored, inspected, and samples taken from livestock  as a proactive measure to control the spread of the infection.


Razman said all swine farmers have been advised to impose enhance strict biosecurity measures within their farms.


-      The Star Malaysia