April 19, 2021

970 wild boars in Germany found infected with ASF


As of April 8, African swine fever (ASF) had been detected in a total of 970 wild boars in Germany, according to the animal disease information system TSIS.

In recent weeks, all new cases have been found within restriction zones in Brandenburg and Saxony. So far, the domestic pig population in Germany remains free of ASF.

The construction of the permanent fence along the border between Brandenburg and Poland is almost completed, but epidemic pressure from Poland remains high. For this reason, the establishment of a so-called "white zone" as a security zone on the German side along the entire border is currently under consideration.

A strip — a few kilometers wide, marked off on both sides by fences — would be established and where wild boar would be hunted. Thus, the risk of spreading the ASF virus westward via wild boar to previously ASF-free areas would be reduced.

- BMEL / MSGIV des Landes Brandenburg (Germany)