April 19, 2012


Ukraine to resow almost two million ha winter crop land



Ukraine's agricultural enterprises plan to resow perished winter crops over the areas of about two million ha, including 1.6 million ha of winter grains and 365,000 ha of winter rapeseed, according to the state seed inspections.


According to Ivan Cherniavsky, Director of the department of seed production control of the State Inspectorate of purchases and quality of agricultural products of Ukraine, sprouts of winter crops are not received throughout 990,000 ha (15%), rapeseed - 272,000 ha (30%).


Agrarians will have to resow winter wheat areas throughout 1.19 million ha (23%), winter barley - 370,000 ha (38%), winter rapeseed - 365,000 ha (40%).


The most critical situation with resowing of winter crops was formed in Dnipropetrovsk (335,000 ha to be resowed), Nikolayev (320,000 ha), Kherson (208,000 ha), Odessa and Kirovograd oblasts.

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