April 19, 2011


JSR Genetics appoints new Managing Director

Press Release


Leading UK based international pig breeding company JSR Genetics has appointed Dr. Grant Walling as Managing Director, taking overall responsibility for JSR's sales business and breed improvement programmes.

"Personally, from both a scientific and business perspective, this is a very exciting opportunity and new challenge for me," says Dr. Walling.  "I shall continue to focus JSR Genetics' ongoing commitment to investing in new science, as I believe there are some very good breakthroughs now available in the science and research field that will ensure our customers have access to the best breeding stock, semen and associated technologies." 

"I am also keen to invest in the technical support side of our business, as I strongly believe JSR has some excellent individuals with specialised knowledge, who can help facilitate excellent performance from the entire pork supply chain.  Until now these people have only been valued in limited overseas markets, but there are clearly many other opportunities to utilise these skills both home and abroad", adds Dr. Walling.

Commenting on Dr. Walling's promotion, Tim Rymer, Chairman, said, "Grant is an excellent geneticist who understands the commercial aspects of the business with the focus on producing competitive products and services for our worldwide customers. In addition he has a growing reputation for communicating the science we do in a way practical people understand."

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