April 18, 2012


Vietnam likely to stop animal feed materials imports from India



If more consignments from India are found of containing dangerous and invasive beetle, Vietnam's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development may stop importing animal feed materials from India, as proposed by the Plant Protection Department.


The proposal came after the department detected Trogoderma granarium (TG), native to India and considered one of the world's most destructive pests of grain and seed crops, on over 12,500 tonnes of materials imported by local firms from India in the first quarter of 2012. All the contaminated products were re-exported to India.


In March, the department requested a company in the southern province of Binh Duong to return a consignment weighing 5,000 tonnes of animal feed materials to India after finding the pest on it.


In 2011, Vietnam re-exported 23,000 tonnes of plant products to India because of being infested with the pest. India later revoked the licenses of nine companies that exported animal feed materials to Vietnam, but the situation still reoccurs.


Many countries worldwide currently impose ban on imports of TG-infested agricultural products and the pest is at the top of the list of quarantine targets in Vietnam, which is among the world's biggest exporters of several farm produce such as rice, coffee, and cashew.


Statistics from Vietnam's General Department of Customs showed that the country spent US$710 million on importing wheat, corn, soy product and others animal feed materials, mostly from Argentina, the US, and India. Those from India are favoured by Vietnamese firms due to reasonable price and low freight charges.