April 17, 2018


Adisseo hosts Advancia Academy in Thailand




Adisseo hosted the Advancia Academy 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand on March 25, 2018.


Over 150 scientists and professionals in the feed industry from all over the world were present at the event. The theme, "Rearing Birds under Hot Conditions", was chosen to address the eminent challenge of sustainable development in poultry production under heat-stressed conditions ranging from poultry appetite to nutrient utilisation.


"Heat stress not only means hot temperatures but also high humidity and eventually heat spikes. Farm management with controlling the ambient temperature is key. Heat stress reduces performance and also challenges immunity, disease resistance and nutritional basis," said Dr. Ferry Poernama (Feed Tech & Nutrition Director, Japfa Comfeed, Indonesia), one of the distinguished speakers at Advancia Academy, at the opening introduction.


Several other industry experts provided updates on the feed industry's recent progress and understanding of drivers for sustaining animal protein production under hot conditions – from fundamental mechanisms to practical applications. Participants were able to engage and present their ideas and contributions to the discussions further with a workshop session dedicated for in-depth sharing and exchanges.


For full conference recordings of topics presented at Advancia Academy 2018, please visit: http://www.feedchannel.online/replays/36/.
Distinguised speakers at Advancia Academy 2018.
(From left: Prof. Mingan Choct, Prof. Ravindran, Dr. Ferry Poernama, Dr. Pierre-Andrew Geraert, Dr. Anne Collin, Dr. Cécile Berri and Prof. Richard Ducatelle)