April 16, 2009
Cargill to sell Saskatchewan crop inputs facility to Horizon Fertilizers
Press Release

Cargill Limited has announced that it will sell its Cudworth, Saskatchewan crop input location to Horizon Fertilizers, Ltd., effective April 15, 2009.


As part of the agreement, Cargill will continue to provide grain marketing support to Cudworth-area grain producers. Cargill's Birch Hills facility will support customers north of Wakaw for their crop input needs, while its Clavet staff will provide support for customers in the region south of Wakaw.


The deal will allow Cargill to enhance its focus on grain handling, marketing and other services the company provides to grain producers throughout the region, said Blaine Duncan, regional farm service group manager for Cargill AgHorizons.


Gary Pappenfoot, manager for Horizon Fertilizers, said they have maintained the services of Norm Lang and Deb Burtney to help ensure this transition goes well.


Duncan said Cargill will honour all previously contracted crop input purchases targeted for spring application. Cargill's Clavet customer service team will assist customers with their grain cheques, pricing, and administrative inquiries.


Horizon Fertilizers is a joint venture with Cargill Limited.


Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cargill Limited employs over 10,000 people across Canada and has diversified business interests including meat, egg and oilseed processing, animal feed, crop inputs, as well as grain handling, merchandising and milling.