April 16, 2008


Cobb Europe to launch two new chicken breeds


Press Release



Two new chicken breeds for the 'welfare friendly' sector of the market are to be launched by Cobb Europe.


The launch of these 2 new chicken breeds will take place at the British Pig and Poultry Fair at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, from May 13-14.


The Cobb 700, developed initially for heavy bird markets seeking high breast meat yield, has the slower growing attributes and robust health that make it suited to the higher welfare version of the standard chicken.


The Cobb Sasso 150 is the first product to emerge from the new partnership between Cobb and the French breeder Sasso, a world leader in coloured chickens. The new breed is a coloured chicken bred from a rustic brown female mated to a white male, with about 10 percent of the broilers having brown feathers and providing distinctive colour markings.


"The new products will offer UK producers a wider choice of breeds for supplying the growing sector of the market where consumers are looking for higher welfare standards for both indoor and free range chickens," says Euan Meldrum marketing manager of Cobb Europe.


Both breeds have been extensively tested at their UK trial farms, Meldrum added.


Headquartered in the US, Cobb is a supplier of broiler breeding stock and technical expertise for the poultry meat industry, helping customers in more than 90 countries to provide for the growing demand for chicken and to help increase production efficiency.