April 15, 2019

MSD completes acquisition of Antelliq Corporation
MSD (Merck & Co., Inc.) has announced early this month the completion of its acquisition of Antelliq Corporation.

The decision to buy over Antelliq will position MSD as a global leader in animal health digital tracking, traceability and monitoring technology and complement the existing portfolio of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Antelliq will be an operating unit within MSD Animal Health.

"The animal health industry is rapidly evolving with revolutionary digital solutions to manage the health and well-being of livestock and companion animals with animal identification, animal monitoring and smart data management as critical components of this technology," said Rick DeLuca, president, MSD Animal Health.

"Through our commitment to the science of healthier animals, we are dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of animals and the people who take care of them. We are excited to take this step forward with Antelliq and its brands, Allflex Livestock Intelligence, Sure Petcare and Biomark, as we add market-leading technology and services, which extend the range of solutions we can provide to our customers."

Jean-Baptiste Wautier, partner at BC Partners which advised on the funds for MSD's acquisition, commented: "We are proud of Antelliq's transformation over the past five years and believe that MSD is an ideal partner to work with Antelliq's dynamic leadership team to support the next stage of its growth. As a truly innovative market leader, Antelliq has significant potential to continue spearheading development in the industry, as the use of intelligence, data and technology play an increasingly important role in animal health and care."

- MSD Animal Health