April 15, 2014


Forecast of US corn exports raised to 44 million tonnes


Due to the strong pace of export sales and shipments, projected US corn exports are raised by 3.2 million tonnes to 44 million, with ending stocks reduced by the same amount to 33.8 million tonnes.


Forecasts for corn food, seed, and industrial use and feed and residual use were unchanged. The midpoint of the corn price is raised US$0.10 to US$181 per tonne in response to export demand and tighter ending stocks.


On the strength of the export pace and volume of outstanding sales, sorghum exports are boosted by 20 million bushels over last month's forecast. Sorghum feed and residual use and food, seed, and industrial use are reduced by 15 million and five million bushels, respectively, as export markets attracted sorghum supplies away from bio refinery and feed use in the first half of the marketing year.


Higher projected use of barley and oats lowers ending stocks for each grain. Prospective 2014 plantings for all four feed grains are reported down, but harvest intentions are up slightly for hay.


World corn trade in 2013-14 is projected up 3% this month to a record 116.5 million tonnes. Ample supplies and attractive prices are supporting import demand for corn. Global corn production is raised to a record 973.9 million tonnes, with increases of 2.0 million tonnes for Brazil and 1.0 million tonnes for South Africa. However, projected world consumption is increased more than production, reducing global corn ending stocks slightly.

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