April 14, 2012


Ukraine raises spring crops sowing areas



Ukraine's agricultural enterprises of all categories sowed spring agricultural crops throughout the areas of 932,300 ha as of April 2, 2012, 6.9% higher than the same date in 2011, reported the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on April 11.


According to the State Statistics Service, in early April all regions of Ukraine, except of Luhansk, Sumy and Kharkiv oblasts, started the sowing campaign of spring crops.


It is noted that agrarians sowed spring grains and leguminous crops (excluding corn) throughout the areas of 648.2 thsd ha, down 9.6% compared to last year, including barley - 462.6 thsd ha (down 12.8%).


Besides, as of the reporting date sunflower seed sowing areas totalled 3.2 thsd ha (down 42.9% compared to 2011).