April 14, 2009

Indonesia 2008-09 wheat imports seen to increase; corn imports to decline

The US Department of Agriculture reports that Indonesian wheat imports for marketing year (MY) 2008-09 are forecast to increase to 5.2 million tonnes and rice imports to 500 thousand tonnes. But corn imports for MY 2008-09 are seen to decline to 100 thousand tonnes as feed millers utilise more domestic corn as production will reach 8.7 million tonnes for MY 2008-09.


Concerns over the financial crisis are reflected in Indonesia's decreasing the 2009 target economic growth to 4 percent from an initial 6 percent. On the other hand, the 2009 election year will prompt the Indonesian government to maintain ample supplies of rice at an affordable price level because of its political importance as a staple food.


For more of the USDA report, please click here.

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