April 14, 2008


Denmark, Ukraine grain companies form joint venture



Denmark-based Trigon Agri and Ukraine-based group of companies, Rambur, will create the joint venture Ramburs Trigon.


The new company will be engaged in agricultural trade and management of the enterprises on the companies' storage.


Trigon Agri's share will total 51 percent, while Ramburs' will be 49 percent.


Reports say that the new JV corresponds to the strategy of Trigon Agri to become an integrated company in the segment of production, storage and grain trade.


Earlier, Trigon Agri reported about purchasing JSC Novomirgorodskiy elevator and JSC Yavkinskiy elevator from the group Ramburs.


The purchase of the said elevators would allow the Dutch company to increase its simultaneous grain storage capacities till 322,000 tonnes.


As for March 1, Trigon Agri rented 30.700 hectares in Ukraine, 88.600 ha in Russia and 1.400 ha in Estonia.


Currently, the group Ramburs is one of the leading producers of turkey meat. The meat direction of the company is represented by the poultry breeding farm Brovarskoy, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsk feed mill, and distribution company JSC Indelika.