April 12, 2024


Paraguay strives to ensure livestock, beef productions' positions as key production sectors, president says




Paraguay is determined to take care of the country's livestock and beef productions' positions as some of the pillars of the national production sector, said Paraguayan President Santiago Peña on April 10.


Peña pointed to the importance of the meat sector for the Paraguayan economy, saying: "The countries that are part of the largest producers of animal protein in the world have an enormous responsibility because the population and the demand for food is growing at (rapid pace).


"In the case of Paraguay, (beef production) is clearly a very important sector, one of our pillars of the productive sector and (Paraguay's) countryside. We have to take care of it as a strategic sector, and this often depends on coordinated work with the rest of the countries in the region."


Paraguay's beef exports to the United States recently face further hindrance following an announcement by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to end a long-standing ban on fresh beef from Paraguay. This decision is opposed by the US Senate which passed a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution of disapproval by a vote of 70 to 25. Peña said that the Paraguayan government is clearly against the action.


"We believe that (the opposition) does not have a valid basis; the amount of meat that Paraguay produces within the global context can, under no circumstances, endanger US producers. It is a small production but of very high quality and (at) a very competitive price," he said.


Peña considered the US Senate's decision was made due to "lack of information and prejudices that we have to face".


"We know that (Paraguay's) private sector is also doing a great job of dialogue in the US, and we will continue to do so in all areas," he said. "There is no doubt (Paraguay's rural region) is a sector and a fundamental pillar of the economic structure of Paraguay."

- IP Paraguay

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