April 12, 2022


US egg prices have increased 56%



Egg prices in the US have increased 56% due to rising wheat and corn prices caused by drought conditions in the country and Russia's invasion into Ukraine, especially as both counties are key global grain producers, CBS News reported.


Data from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) showed the national average of a dozen large white eggs was US$1.60 in 2021. The current price is US$2.50.


Sam Miller, a farmer at Cedar Ridge Egg Farm in Texas said his feed input costs are US$7,000 higher because of soaring corn and wheat prices, which has forced him to increase egg prices.


Miller said increased fuel prices are also affecting his business, with his cost to deliver eggs now double.


David Anderson, a livestock economist, said the US is facing its worst bird flu outbreak in seven years, which has also disrupted egg supply and pushed prices up. More than 20 million birds in 24 states have been killed due to the virus.


Anderson said it takes time to adjust to increased prices and rising costs.


Higher grain prices have also resulted in rising prices per pound of ground beef, bacon and whole chickens compared to 2021.


-      CBS News

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