April 12, 2021


Cobb donates over 20,000 pounds of quality protein to help those in need


Cobb is donating over 20,000 pounds of quality frozen protein, a contribution equivalent to more than 40,000 meals for people in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma, the United States.


The company donated to the Manna Center, a civic organisation that provides food and clothing assistance to those in need.


"At Cobb, we believe it is important to treat each other like family," said Rex Dickey, corporate chaplain for Cobb. "We understand many people in our region struggle with food insecurity, so we want our community partners to know they can count on us to help our neighbors."


Last year, Cobb contributed 10,000 pounds of frozen protein to the Manna Center to help support the region during an especially critical time. Over the years, the company has donated food and hours of volunteer time to support Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma residents in need.


"Making protein accessible is core to what we do every day," said Dickey. "We look forward to continuing to support the Manna Center and our community in the years to come."


- Cobb

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