April 12, 2012


France's 2011/12 wheat exports down 15%


Customs data showed on Wednesday (Apr 11) that France's February soft wheat export reached 993,195 tonnes, taking the volume since of the start of the 2011/12 season on July 1 to 11 million tonnes, down 15% on the same period last season.


Shipments outside the EU amounted to 442,697 tonnes, bringing the total so far this season to 6.1 million, down 29% on the same period in 2010/11, the data showed.


France exported a record 12.9 million tonnes of soft wheat outside the EU last season when it benefited from the absence of rival exporter Russia, which banned shipments for most of the season following a drought-hit harvest.


Algeria remained the leading destination for French wheat by the end of February, with exports so far this season of 2.5 million tonnes, slightly ahead of the 2.4 million recorded at the same point in 2010/11.


Within the 27-member EU, France exported 550,498 tonnes of soft wheat in February, putting the total so far in 2011/12 at 4.9 million, up 13% on the same period last season.