April 12, 2007


Canada pork producers fear falling behind following South Korea-US FTA


Canadian pork producers are concerned that they will fall behind their US counterparts, who are expected to benefit from the recent US-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA).


As part of the FTA, tariffs on US pork imports into South Korea would be eliminated over 10 years.


In response, Canadian pork producers have urged the government to step up negotiations with South Korea, with the goal of achieving a similar FTA.


Canada's pork industry has cause for concern since South Korea was Canada's fifth biggest pork market in terms of export value last year, which exceeded US$100 million.


With US pork imports becoming more competitive in South Korea as tariffs are progressively lowered, Canadian pork would be left at a disadvantage in that market, especially when facing significant tariffs ranging anywhere from 20 to 40 percent.

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