April 11, 2022


DSM in agreement to provide Bovaer feed supplement to Australian cattle company



The North Australian Pastoral Co (NAPCo) has signed a collaboration and supply agreement which will enable it to use DSM's methane-reducing supplement Bovaer through its supply chain.


NAPCo is one of Australia's largest and oldest cattle companies and in 2019, launched a carbon neutral certified beef brand called Five Founders. The company's general manager of intensive production and sales, James Carson,  said carbon offset branded beef was the first step towards the company's long-term goal of achieving 'net zero' and the integration of Bovaer dietary supplement was the next step in achieving that goal.


"Since 2019, when Five Founders was launched, NAPCo embarked on an ambitious emissions reduction strategy, which has seen us begin the transition from fossil fuels to renewables on our cattle stations and included other initiatives such as planting legumes (desmathus) to increase soil carbon capture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Carson said. "Through continuous research and deeply embedded innovative trials, we identified the greatest potential to reduce livestock emissions is through dietary supplements, and Bovaer proved to do just that.


"Not only will Bovaer deliver great benefit to the environment, there will be absolutely no change to quality or flavour, just better beef. We're very excited to be the first to bring to market carbon zero beef."


NAPCo chief executive Allan Cooney said the inclusion of Bovaer in its supply chain was "a game-changer".


"Bovaer will contribute significantly to reducing methane emissions from our herd, an imporatnt step in our drive for sustainable production," Cooney said. "We're pleased to partner with DSM in Australia and secure supply as the global introduction of Bovaer gains momentum."


DSM's Mark van Nieuwland said: "…we know the Australian agricultural and livestock sectors recognise this opportunity for change and are eager to act.


"DSM is very happy to work with NAPCo as leaders in this area of low carbon footprint beef production with their flagship Five Founders brand and are happy to provide a solution to these difficult-to-reduce methane emissions."

- Beef Central

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