April 11, 2022


Brazil exported a record 200,000 tonnes of beef in March 2022



Brazilian industry group Abrafrigo said the country exported 203,490 tonnes of beef in March 2022, 28% higher year-on-year and a new record for the month, Reuters reported.


Abrafrigo said sales revenue increased 57% in the period to US$1.12 billion, another record for March citing government data.


In a statement, Abrafrigo said average beef prices increased from $4,415 per tonne in 2021 to $5,319 per tonne.


March numbers were only lower than exports in September and August 2021.


Brazilian beef exports totalled 545,751 tonnes in the first quarter of this year, 33% higher compared to the same period last year. Revenue jumped 60% to US$2.9 billion.


One of Brazil's key export markets is Chile. Exports to Chile reached 188,236 tonnes in the quarter, 30.6% higher compared to 2021.


The industry group said beef exports to China reached 275,300 tonnes and US$1.66 billion when sales to Hong Kong are also accounted for. This was a share of 50.45% and 57.11% of the total volume and revenue.


The US was the next biggest importer with 69,799 tonnes, 395% higher compared to the year prior, followed by Egypt with 47,706 tonnes, 262% up compared to 2021.


-      Reuters

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