April 11, 2005


South Korea increases beef, pork imports in January


South Korea's beef imports for January increased 18.2 percent from the previous month to 16,865 tonnes. This was also 39 percent higher than January 2004.


Australia was the main supplier of beef, with 12,372 tonnes, or 73.4 of the total imports. Imports from New Zealand were 4,119 tonnes. US beef remained banned.


Imports of pork totalled 19,395 tonnes for January, 18.3 percent higher than the previous month and 66.8 percent higher than January 2004.


Pork imports from the US increased 29.5 percent from December to 3,779 tonnes. Imports from Canada were 3,574 tonnes, from Chile 2,600 tonnes, and from Denmark 1,990 tonnes.

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