April 10, 2017


Lallemand presents meta-analysis results of yeast benefits on broiler performance



Lallemand Animal Nutrition presented a new poultry nutrition study at last week's poultry research congress in France, "Journées de la Recherche Avicole", showing the benefits of a combination of specific yeast fractions, YANG, for the broiler starter phase.


The combined results of six trials conducted in Europe during the starter phase indicate a significant improvement in broilers' zootechnical performance - average daily gain, feed efficiency, final body weight - and significant reduction of mortality during the starter phase with the yeast derivatives vs. control diet. The starter phase is a critical phase of broiler production, which determines performance for the whole cycle.


In broilers, the maturity of the digestive processes and the immunity of the chicks are established during the starter phase. Hence, securing efficient performance from the start is a key objective for producers. Between 2015 and 2016, the six trials were performed in several research stations or in farms in different European countries in order to evaluate the effects on performance of YANG in the starter phase (between 10-14 days according to the trial set-up). Statistical analysis of the six trials results indicate that the YANG treatment group experienced: Higher final weight at the end of starter phase (+3.6%), while initial weight was statistically equivalent between groups for each trial (375 g with YANG, vs. 362 g for control; P < 0.001); Improved growth by 3.6% (average daily weight gain: 28.6 g/animal/d with YANG, vs. 27.6 for control; P < 0.001); Significant improvement of feed efficiency by -0.6% (FCR 1.267 with YANG, vs. 1.275 for control; P = 0.006); Reduced mortality rate by 0.8% during the starting phase (2.9% mortality with YANG, vs. 3.7% for control; P = 0.001).


It was concluded that the combination of different fractions of inactive yeasts strains helps optimise zootechnical performance during the broiler starter phase.

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