April 9, 2024


Azerbaijan's farmers look to launch broiler meat exports to Russia, Middle East




Farmers in Azerbaijan plan to scale up operations and launch broiler meat exports to Middle Eastern countries and Russia, Myurvyat Hasanli, head of the Azerbaijan Poultry Association, told local news outlet Sputnik.


Hasanli said that gaining a foothold in foreign markets requires Azerbaijan to build new production capacities and modernise existing farms. He added that a lack of land is one of the key problems hampering the poultry industry's growth.


"I would like the government to allow the construction of poultry farms on agricultural land found unsuitable for growing crops," Hasanli said.


Over the past few months, Azerbaijani farmers have proved their effectiveness by launching egg exports, Hasanli stated.


Since the Russian government decided to permit duty-free egg imports, Azerbaijan has delivered around 60 million eggs to its northern neighbour. In addition to selling food eggs to Russian customers, Hasanli indicated that the country has also started exporting hatching eggs.


Last year, the production performance dynamics of Azerbaijan's poultry farms were mixed. During the first three quarters of 2023, the country produced 57,500 tonnes of poultry meat, 2.9% down compared with the previous year. Egg production, on the other hand, jumped by 27.5% to 764.5 million units.


"There is a shortage of poultry and eggs in the world, but not in Azerbaijan. The country can fully meet its demand for these products," Hasanli said.


The Azerbaijani government recently took several steps aimed at pushing further development within the poultry industry. Majnun Mammadov of the country's Agricultural Ministry recently introduced state subsidies for poultry farmers to purchase equipment and components for poultry farm construction and modernisation.



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