April 9, 2009

France soft wheat stocks projected down to 3.9 million tonnes

French 2008-09 wheat ending stocks estimates have fallen on the month to 3.9 million tonnes from four million tonnes, according to figures published by FranceAgriMer Wednesday (Apr 8).


The change is due to more wheat being kept in on-farm storage, the figures show.


Stocks for barley fell to 2.5 million tonnes from 2.6 million tonnes the previous month, due to better prospects for exports to countries outside of the EU, said the report.


Meanwhile corn stocks were revised down very slightly to 2.875 million tonnes, from the March estimate of 2.88 million tonnes.


FranceAgriMer is a new government entity encompassing five agricultural agencies, including L' Office National Interprofessionnel des Grandes Cultures, or ONIGC.