April 9, 2008


Poland reports robust pork trade with China, South Korea



Poland pork suppliers saw huge improvements in exports bound to Asia, particularly to China and South Korea last year, the Polish agricultural bank, BGZ, reported.


Exports to China have jumped from 170 tonnes to 1,000 tonnes, a 88.2 percent increase, while South Korea remains the largest importer, importing about 13,500 tonnes of Polish meat, marking a 15 percent increase between 2006 and 2007.


China's self-sufficient pork supply is on red alert as its domestic hog industry is plagued by PRRS, and the country is importing pork to solve the shortage problem. The Polish pork sector could reap further benefits due to a new train link between Hamburg and Beijing, which would reduce journey time to 14 days compared to 45 days via sea.


Asia, especially China, will become more popular in the future and a promotion campaign is currently on run to increase exports to the region, according to Krzypczyk, an economist with BGZ.

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