April 7, 2022


Brazil beef output projected to reach 9.85 million tonnes in 2022



The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) said Brazil's beef production is expected to reach 9.85 million tonnes this year, surpassing the 9.5 million tonnes produced in 2021, Merco Press reported.


This would result in about 37.7 million head of cattle to be slaughtered in 2022, compared to the 36.3 million head last year.


The USDA report said Brazil will export 2.6 million tonnes of beef this year, 300,000 tonnes more compared to the 2.32 million in 2021.


Local demand for beef in Brazil is projected to reach 7.31 million tonnes in 2022, higher than the 7.24 million tonnes in 2021.


The USDA report also showed neighbouring Uruguay's beef exports to reach 490,000 tonnes in 2022 thanks to high meat suppliers, increased demand from overseas, and exports restrictions imposed on competitors.


Uruguay's beef production is expected to hit 615,000 tonnes this year, its second highest volume on record, with cattle slaughter at 2.4 million head, the highest in 16 years.


-      Merco Press

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