April 7, 2021


Lockdown measures for poultry in Northern Ireland to be lifted in mid-April


Northern Ireland lockdown measures for poultry and other captive birds will be lifted on April 13 following no new significant cases of bird flu recently, the BBC reported.


The measures were implemented in December 2020 to stop the spread of bird flu among commercial poultry.


Edwin Poots, Agriculture Minister, said birds will be permitted to go outdoors if there no major cases between now and April 13, adding that poultry farmers must continue to maintain strict biosecurity measures on their premises.


In January, bird flu was detected in Clough, County Down and Lisburn, 13km southwest of Belfast.


The Northern Ireland poultry industry is worth an estimated GBP 900 million (~US$1.25 billion; GBP 1 = US$1.39) annually, with more than 5,000 workers directly employed in the sector.



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