April 7, 2011


Adisseo's Rovabio celebrates 15 years of success

Press Release


For 15 years, the Rovabio® enzyme from Adisseo has proved its long-term consistency of performance, through more than 500 trials and 50 billion of poultry and pig fed in the world.


Trials have been performed at CERN, Adisseo Centre of Expertise and Research in Nutrition, in independent and internationally renowned institutes, and confirmed by customers throughout the world.


For producers, the benefit reaches EUR500 million (US$714 million) in relation to feed costs reduction. Rovabio® has achieved six registrations in the EU: broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks, pigs and piglets. A single dosage rate for all diets and all species gives Rovabio® a unique versatility and ease of use on the market.


The Rovabio® product line includes: Rovabio®Excel, the versatile enzyme for all species and diets; Rovabio®T-flex, the unique thermostable enzyme which withstands temperature pelleting up to 90 deg C; and Rovabio® Max, the versatile carbohydrolases and phytase combination, for maximal saving in feed costs.


Adisseo goes on expanding Rovabio® applications (like in sows) in order to satisfy customers' demand throughout the world.