April 7, 2010


UK egg industry calls for better labelling


The British egg industry is calling for caterers to show the country of origin of eggs on menus, following a new survey which indicated that more than 60% of consumers prefer it this way.


The research, undertaken following a number of food poisoning outbreaks caused by imported eggs, also showed that around four out of every five consumers want to see British eggs being used in food service outlets.


Andrew Parker, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, said, ''Salmonella in British eggs is a thing of the past, thanks to the food safety safeguards in the British Lion code.''


''However, food service outlets may still be putting their customers at risk by using imported eggs that are not produced to the same standards as British Lion eggs,'' he said. ''Caterers have a duty of care to the people who eat on their premises and if they use imported eggs, they should at the very least own up to it.''


The online survey of 3,000 consumers was conducted by OnePoll in February 2010.

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