April 7, 2010


Russia beefs up meat inspection in Poland



A group of Russian veterinarians are in Poland to conduct an inspection of selected food industry plants as well as companies processing meat and milk.


The initial results of the current inspection are to be announced on April 17.


Russia banned the imports of Polish meat products in November 2005 citing poor quality controls and failure to meet health standards on Poland's part. The ban was lifted in December 2007 when the two countries signed a memorandum ending it.


So far, very few of the Polish meat processing plants have been able to meet Russian requirements and licensed to sell their products to the Russian market.


The country's chief veterinary doctor Janusz ZwiÄ…zek hopes, however, that more and more Polish meat processing plants will be able to export their products to Russia as a result.


The inspection results are especially crucial for poultry manufacturers after Russia banned imports from the US citing the use of preservatives deemed forbidden by the Russian side.