April 5, 2024


Cherkizovo to invest US$53.8 million in upgrade of poultry farms in Bashkortostan, Russia




At Agrocomplex, an international exhibition and forum in Ufa, Russia, Cherkizovo Group announced its intention to invest ₽5 billion (US$53.8 million) in the expansion of broiler meat production capacities in Russia's Republic of Bashkortostan.


During the event, Maxim Zudin, member of the management board at Cherkizovo Group, delivered a speech at a plenary session focusing on transformation, digitalisation, and cooperation in Russia's agricultural industry. He spoke about the company's production and investment plans, particularly about the large-scale upgrade of Bashkortostan's agricultural facility and plans to ramp up poultry production in the region.


"Together with the government of the republic, we are championing poultry farming and reconstructing poultry farms," Zudin said. "Our plans for this and next year include increasing broiler meat production from 65,000 to 95,000–97,000 tonnes of live-weight product. The second stage of the plan envisages ramping up production to 128,000 tonnes. The company has already invested ₽5.3 billion in its assets in Bashkortostan, with another ₽5 billion earmarked for investments over the next two years."


In December 2022, Cherkizovo Group acquired assets in Bashkortostan which include five poultry farms with an annual live-weight capacity of 65,000 tonnes of broiler meat and annual processing capacity of 25,000 tonnes, a feed mill with an annual capacity of 240,000 tonnes and a land bank of 18,000 hectares.


The poultry products from the Bashkir facilities are sold both domestically and internationally.


- Cherkizovo

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