April 5, 2021


Indonesia to set up ASF-free pig breeding site in North Sumatra


Indonesia's Ministry of Agriculture is in the process of transforming a government-owned pig breeding unit located in Siborong-borong, North Sumatra into a compartment free of African swine fever (ASF).


The unit is in the process of obtaining an ASF-free compartment certificate, which will ensure that the public can access healthy, quality and ASF-free piglets.


Inspections found that the unit already had adequate infrastructure and management; however, several improvements to the supporting aspects must be made before the unit can be designated as an ASF-free compartment. The unit's sub-population of pigs has a higher health status from the sub-population in the surrounding environment based on management and biosecurity factors.


The ASF-free compartmentalization is a government guarantee to ensure that pigs produced from the unit are ASF-free and can be distributed to other areas.


- Pig333 Staff / Ministry of Agriculture (Indonesia)

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