April 5, 2013


Gorontalo, Indonesia to export corn by end April 2013


Indonesia will begin exporting corn at the end of April 2013, said Muljady Mario, the head of the Corn Information Centre Agency (BPIJ) in the province.


Muljady added that the suspension of corn exports in Gorontalo, during January-February 2013, was not due to poor harvest in the region.


Gorontalo's export activities are currently supported by three major companies, namely PT Duta Sera, PT Harim, and PT Miwon, as well as nine local firms.


Gorontalo, the country's youngest province, which is nicknamed "agropolitan" due to its huge agriculture potential, exported US$1.69 million worth of corn in January-February 2012. Most of it was exported to Taiwan and the Philippines.


Gorontalo province exported US$7.64 million worth of corn commodities in 2010, making it the peak year for corn exports during 2009-2013.


The province's corn exports drastically dropped to US$2.23 million in 2011 before they increased to US$7.18 million in the following year.


Muljady said that Gorontalo had a potential 200,000 hectares available for corn production. However, traditional cultivation patterns of local farmers are strongly dependant on the climate, thus posing a challenge towards achieving optimal yields.