April 4, 2022


PHW Group and SuperMeat to introduce cultivated poultry products to Europe



Major European poultry producer PHW Group and SuperMeat have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring cultivated poultry products to Europe, citing chicken, duck and turkey for future production, SuperMeat reported.


The partnership will be one of the first to prototype, finalise, and distribute cultivated poultry on a commercial scale.


Israeli-based SuperMeat will take the lead on reducing costs and expanding the scale of manufacturing. Both SuperMeat and Germany-based PHW Group aim to develop products that taste, feel, and offer comparable nutrition to conventional meat.


PHW Group is listed among 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders, which is rare for meat producers. The group has invested in the alternative protein industry and has backed SuperMeat in the latter's funding rounds.


Peter Wesjohann, chairman of the board of PHW Group said they envision a future diet that is sustainable and balanced, which is why they are committed to alternative proteins. Wesjohann said the cooperation with SuperMeat will also support the EU Green Deal initiative.


SuperMeat's production factory doubles as a consumer-facing restaurant called The Chicken, will allows diners to see the manufacturing area.


According to a report from McKinsey & Company, the cultivated meat industry could account for as much as 0.5% of global meat supply by 2030, representing a US$25 billion market.


-      SuperMeat

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