April 4, 2022


UAE becomes biggest chicken importer from Brazil due to Ramadan



The Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) said the United Arab Emirates has surpassed China as the biggest importer of Brazilian chicken products due to the Ramadan Muslim holy month, Reuters reported.


In February 2022, ABPA data showed the UAE imported 90% more chicken reaching 42,800 tonnes. China imported 42,300 tonnes of Brazilian chicken in the same month.


Halal chicken from Brazil is exported to 58 countries. To be halal-certified, the meat must be produced according to Muslim dietary requirements.


Ricardo Santin, head of ABPA said Islamic countries were the first export targets for Brazilian chicken.


ABPA said exports of halal chicken accounts for close to half of Brazil's total chicken exports in 2021, reaching 1.915 million tonnes worth nearly US$3 billion in sales.


ABPA data from January and February showed that the halal chicken segment will continue to increase, with its exports 5.17% higher by volume in January and February reaching 310,400 tonnes. Revenue was 25% up to nearly US$510 million during the first two months of the year.


ABPA said on 2021 the UAE imported 389,400 tonnes of Brazilian chicken or 9% of Brazilian chicken exports worth close to US$692 million.


-      Reuters

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