April 4, 2019


Zinpro launches ProPath®LQ molecule for animal feed



Zinpro Corporation has announced the availability of ProPath®LQ in the US for use in liquid applications across all-species.


As the company's newest and best molecule for superior performance, ProPath-LQ provides exceptional trace mineral uptake and absorption, biological efficacy, diet flexibility and consistency in applications where solubility is critical, Zinpro said.


"The ProPath family of products is one of the most significant animal nutrition breakthroughs of our time," Bill Scrimgeour, CEO of Zinpro Corporation, commented. "And now, we offer that same breakthrough product in a formulation specifically designed for liquid applications, including liquid feeds and supplement tubs, liquid-based premixes, milk replacers and water systems."


Consistent with Zinpro's ProPath products introduced in late 2018 for dry feed applications, ProPath-LQ is classified as a metal amino acid complex, with a unique molecular structure, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable product to improve animal wellness, genetic potential and performance.


"ProPath-LQ combines two different amino acids, bound to each other - and each bound to a mineral, such as zinc, copper, iron or manganese, in a stable, 1:1 ratio," Scrimgeour explained. "By optimising the amino-acid transport system, our performance minerals are more effectively absorbed, stored and metabolically available for the animal's biological processes."


Highly adaptable, versatile, stable, soluble and sustainable, ProPath-LQ is flexible for use in a wide variety of diets, including conventional or specialty diets (like carrier-free or non-GMO).


When included as part of a well-balanced diet, ProPath-LQ promotes exceptional animal performance and helps customers reach optimum efficiency and profitability in their operations.


- Zinpro