April 4, 2006


Brazil's March chicken exports increase to 213,300 tonnes



Brazil's total fresh chicken exports rose to 213,300 tonnes in March compared with 190,300 tonnes in February, the Commerce Ministry said Monday (Apr 3).


Exports fell in comparison to March 2005, when Brazil exported 225,400 tonnes.


Daily volume fell 12.3 percent to 9,300 tonnes in March in comparison to February and 9.5 percent in comparison to March 2005.


Revenue from chicken exports rose slightly to US$238.4 million in March even as international prices fell over 5 percent on the month to US$1,117 per tonne.


Brazil chicken exporters were getting an average US$1,079 per tonne in March 2005.


The March export numbers suggest that an overall decline in world chicken consumption because of bird flu scares in Europe, Africa and Asia has not yet impacted Brazil's chicken exports.


"The biggest effect right now is in the local market. Prices are falling in the supermarkets so that tells me that the exporters are dumping more chicken locally because they can't sell it internationally," said Jose Vicente Ferraz, director of agriculture market research firm, Instituto FNP.


"If exports don't fall by April, then it was probably just a 'swan song' the industry was singing us," Ferraz said.


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