April 3, 2013


Hong Kong enforces stricter measures on meat, poultry imports


After learning of confirmed human cases of H7N9 in the Mainland, the Centre for Food Safety will closely liaise with Mainland authorities over any abnormal situation concerning farms supplying chickens and pigs to Hong Kong and take appropriate actions whenever necessary.


The centre said all live chickens and pigs, and chilled and frozen poultry or meat imported from the Mainland must come from farms and poultry/meat processing plants registered with the inspection and quarantine authorities, together with animal health certificates issued by Mainland authorities.


Centre officers will be sent to inspect registered farms and poultry/meat processing plants. Each consignment will be released only after the poultry/meat has been inspected and relevant health certificates verified at the Man Kam To Food Control Office.


The centre will conduct random tests for avian influenza on each consignment of live chickens while live pigs must go through ante-mortem and post-mortem inspections in slaughterhouses. Only pigs that pass the inspections will be supplied to the market and sold for consumption.


Under the Imported Game, Meat & Poultry Regulations, those who import game, meat or poultry without health certificates commit an offence and are liable to a maximum fine of US$50,000 and six months' imprisonment.