April 3, 2012


Ukraine's 2012 winter wheat output may fall up to 46%



Due to losses of the sowing areas brought by the bad weather conditions, Ukraine's 2012 general winter wheat crop volumes may drop by 37-46% compared with 2011, said Tatyana Adamenko, Head of the agricultural meteorology department of the Hydrometeorological Center of Ukraine.


According to preliminary estimations, in 2012 the production volumes of winter wheat may reduce by 8-10 million tonnes compared to last year, she said. According to the State Statics Service, in 2011 Ukraine produced 21.6 million tonnes of winter wheat.


While estimating the share of perished sowing areas, T.Adamenko noted that according to preliminary data of the Hydrometeorological Center, as of to date due to rather adverse weather conditions in the autumn and winter, winter wheat sowings were killed throughout 35-40% of the sowing areas, winter rye - 20%, winter barley - 60-70%, winter rapeseed - 50-60% of the areas.


According to the expert, more accurate data will be known after April 10, after monitoring of the fields. It is impossible to make a representative estimation to date, explained T. Adamenko.


Besides, she reported that, according to observations of meteorological stations, overwintering winter crops sowings are extremely uneven and thinned.


It is estimated that only 40% of sprouted and overwintered crops sowings can give the good harvest, the rest of sowings will be low-productive.


According T. Adamenko, the current weather in the spring in Ukraine corresponds to the standard climatic conditions. In the current year, the spring processes are more restrained. However, to date it is not possible to talk about a catastrophic backlog, she said. The resumption of plant growing processes after the winter calm began in slowly rates.


After increasing of air temperatures since March 20-25, these processes were accelerated, but it was very warm, dry and windy weather for March, which added troubles to weakened crops sowings, explained T. Adamenko. Meanwhile, after cooling and rainfalling since March 26, the conditions for growing of winter crops sowings improved, which gives another chance for the winter crops areas and reduces the possibility of future losses.


According to the State Statistics Service, Ukraine sowed winter crops for grain and green fodder, including rapeseed, throughout 9.4 million ha for the harvest-2012, up 1.9% compared to the harvest-2011. The areas under winter grains increased by 3.8%, and totalled 8.4 million ha.


According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, winter grain sowings sprouted throughout nearly 7.4 million ha. The Ministry expects for resowing of nearly 3.5 million ha of winter crops in the current year.