April 3, 2007


EC to help Croatia combat classical swine fever


The European Commission will help Croatia in its battle against the classical swine fever (CSF).


In a press statement, the EC will send two veterinary experts to Croatia this week to assess the CSF outbreaks and assist with the disease situation on the ground.


The EC also said Croatia has reported incidence of 60 outbreaks all over the country including areas close to the borders with Hungary and Slovenia.


The EU experts will closely cooperate with the Croatian authorities in analysing epidemiological data and outbreak patterns, and look at the measures being taken to tackle the disease.


Classical swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease of swine (pigs and wild boars) which can be spread via trade in live pigs, fresh pork and certain meat-based products.


In case of appearance of this animal disease in the EU, one needs to resort to the slaughtering of all pigs in the infected farms and the destruction of cadavers.


In compliance with EU regulations, on 1 January 2005, Croatia stopped vaccinating swine against this disease.

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