April 2, 2024


New Zealand initiates project to breed disease-resistant snapper



A project aimed at breeding disease-resistant and faster-growing snapper is underway in New Zealand, spearheaded by the country's Oceans and Fisheries Minister Shane Jones. Te Ao Maori News reported.


The project, deemed crucial for future-proofing the country's aquaculture, is being conducted by Plant and Food Research (PFR), a Crown research institute.


Minister Jones views this initiative as instrumental in driving economic growth through aquaculture. He said that besides enhancing the resilience of fish breeds, the project aligns with New Zealand's efforts to adapt to the impacts of climate change on its oceans.


Recognising the economic potential, Jones emphasised the benefits of accelerated snapper growth for export opportunities. By reducing the time required to reach market size, this innovation could create new avenues for export while easing pressure on wild snapper populations.


The exemption granted to PFR under the Fisheries Act allows the institute to transfer its brood snapper stock to a pilot-scale aquaculture farm in Marlborough, marking a significant step in advancing the research.


In Jones's view, this endeavour is part of the government's broader strategy to bolster the multibillion-dollar aquaculture sector. He stressed the importance of research focused on enhancing farmed fish species, citing its positive impact on job creation, economic development in regional areas, and the nation's export potential.


The project signifies a proactive approach towards addressing challenges posed by climate change while leveraging opportunities for sustainable economic growth in the aquaculture industry, according to Minister Jones.


-      Te Ao Maori News

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