April 2, 2019

Kemin to showcas benefits of Aleta™ beta glucan at poultry conference in Italy



Kemin Industries will showcase its new Aleta™ beta glucan (β-glucan) at the Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group's (IHSIG) 6th Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health in Rome, Italy, on April 3-5.

The unique beta glucan molecule, derived from the specific algae Euglena gracilis, serves as an immune modulator for all animal species, reinforcing the immune system for optimal function during periods of stress, disease and vaccination.

"Aleta interacts with the immune system, resulting in immune modulation," said Valentine Van Hamme, product manager of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health (Europe, Middle East, North Africa).

"The immune cells are rapidly recruited and activated to the site of infection, which therefore helps increase the ability for animals to cope with disease and vaccination. Consequently, Aleta will assist animals during periods of stress, disease and vaccination."

In March 2017, Kemin acquired the unique beta glucan manufacturing technology from Algal Scientific and allocated significant resources towards understanding and proving the science behind the molecule. The research showed the algal 1,3 β-glucan can serve as an immune modulator for all animal species. Thus, a new product, Aleta, was launched.

Kemin will host the seminar, "Aleta: The Making of a Hero", on Tuesday, April 2, in Rome before the conference. Topics of discussion will include the importance of the immune system in production animals, the science behind the 1,3 β-glucan molecule and the benefits for veterinarians and animal health and production stakeholders.

Kemin will also spotlight Aleta during the IHSIG 6th Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health with two abstracts selected for oral presentation.

Van Hamme will present "Algae beta-(1,3)-glucan: its role as an immune modulator" and Natasja Smeets, innovation project leader of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health (EMENA), will present "Algae beta-(1,3)-glucan and its role in Infectious Bursal Disease vaccination."

The selection of two Aleta presentations at the conference reflects the strong scientific portfolio Kemin has built around the product, the company said.

In the past two years, several trials in more than 20 European countries have been conducted, all proving the efficacy of the molecule, Kemin said. 

- Kemin

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