March 31, 2022


Ukraine corn exported to Europe by train



APK-Inform agriculture consultancy said the first supplies of corn from Ukraine have been shipped to Europe by train across the western land border as Ukraine's sea ports remain shut down because of Russia's invasion, Reuters reported.


Ukraine has traditionally shipped its grain exports from its Black Sea ports. The country shipped over 5 million tonnes before the invasion.


The consultancy said there remains logistical issues and supply still prevails over demand, but prices have stopped declining.


Buyers from Poland and the Baltic States paid between US$250 to US$265 per tonne, while Slovakia paid US$275 per tonne. These were DAP (Delivered At Place) prices.


Transport authorities in Ukraine said about 600,000 tonnes of grains monthly may be exported via train to Europe.


Last week, APK-Inform said grain exports from Ukraine could total 44 million tonnes for the 2021/22 July-June season. The consultancy projected only 1 million tonnes of grain to be exported from March to June because of logistics issues.


-      Reuters

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